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Trudeau declined India’s “Air India One” service in favor of waiting: Report

According to a report, New Delhi reportedly offered to arrange for Justin Trudeau’s departure after his plane broke down, but Canada opted to wait.
According to sources cited by news agency ANI, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was delayed in India for two days due to a problem with his aircraft, New Delhi offered him the use of Air India One. According to the story, the Canadian side turned down that offer and instead to wait for the backup. Following the conclusion of the G-20 summit in New Delhi, Trudeau and his staff were scheduled to depart India on Sunday evening. However, after the replacement arrived on Tuesday afternoon, Trudeau was finally able to do so. The news that Canada turned down India’s offer comes as relations between the two countries are becoming tense over the Khalistan issue. In their private discussion on the sidelines of the G20 conference, PM Modi brought up the Khalistan issue and informed Trudeau that mutual respect and trust are crucial for developing bilateral relations. Sikhs for Justice organized a Khalistan referendum in a gurdwara in British Columbia while PM Modi voiced his worries.
Without engaging with the government, Justin Trudeau stayed in the hotel for the extra days in India.

What transpired to Justin Trudeau’s aircraft?

The Airbus A310 carrying Trudeau and other officials encountered a problem, preventing him from taking departure on Sunday. Trudeau might leave on Tuesday if the alternate arrangement were only made on Monday. In Canada, the technical error caused problems for Trudeau.
Trudeau slept in a hotel while in India but had no formal obligations.

Trudeau was forced to remain in India due to the delay, but there was no official engagement. He also had nothing scheduled at the regional high commission. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a minister for the Union, was sent to welcome and bid him farewell.

Throughout the lengthy vacation, Trudeau and his son Xavier both stayed at Hotel Lalit.
When Justin Trudeau traveled to Jakarta to attend the ASEAN-Canada meeting, Xavier Trudeau traveled with him.

Source- Hindustan times

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