About Us

They say traveling empowers a man, they say traveling delights a woman, they say traveling completes the life’s motto. Traveling is a worship for us. Our devout worshipers (our team) leave nothing unturned to make every trip magnificently successful.

SFTC, also known as Starfish Travel Corporation is an IATA company, certified with ISO and registered with Goverment of India. SFTC is known as Starfish Travel Corporation (Starfish Travel Co.) was established in 2014 by like minded travel enthusiasts to deliver the best of the experiences at lowest of the available cost by working on a “smart algorithm”.  This smart algorithm not only does bring the rate cheaper but also makes the trip more delightful by adding more services at the ideal time. This smart algorithm hence provides best rates, comfortable itinerary, maximum excursion, least hectic plan, less travel time, more fun and maximum cost recovery. Our team led by Yashdeep Malik is superbly trained in this smart travel algorithm and our clientele has never been so happy.

We provide worldwide travel assistance. Be it any country, any continent or any place in India, you will never feel alone. Join us and rejuvenate your travel chapters.