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  • Chandigarh’s Metro is getting closer to reality as RITES submits the report on its founding.

An first report serves as a technique of ensuring that all parties are aware of the consultant’s strategy and timetable for carrying out the evaluation.
Rail India Technical and Economic Services (RITES) on Tuesday submitted its inception report to the UT administration, bringing the ambitious project one step closer to reality after both Haryana and Punjab filed their respective portions of the Tricity Metro’s detailed project report (DPR).

A way to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the consultant’s strategy and timetable for carrying out the evaluation is to have an inception report.

“We have received the inception report, and RITES will now give us a detailed presentation in a few days as to how they will proceed with the alternative analysis report (AAR),” said Pradhuman Singh, director of UT Transport. The DPR will be prepared after the AAR.

Punjab released its portion of $1.37 crore last month, and the government of Haryana released its share of $60 lakh last week.

The approximate total cost of the Metro project is 10,570 crore, of which the two states will contribute 20%, the Centre will contribute 20%, and the credit agency would provide the remaining 60%.
The Chandigarh administration had determined in July that, in accordance with the requirements of the central government, it would include all stakeholders, including Haryana and Punjab, in the production of the AAR and DPR for Metro Rail.

The 66 km initial phase of the Tricity Metro project was expanded from 66 km to 77 km by the 23-member Unified Metro Transportation Authority (UMTA), which convened on July 18. The first phase will now begin in Parol in New Chandigarh (Mohali) and conclude in Sector 20 at Panchkula Extension.

Parol, Sarangpur, ISBT Panchkula to Panchkula Extension (29 km), Rock Garden to ISBT Zirakpur via Industrial Area and Chandigarh Airport (35 km), and from Grain Market Chowk, Sector 39, to Transport Chowk, Sector 26 (13 km) are the three routes that the Metro has been proposed for in the first phase, which will be built between 2027 and 2037.

The Airport Chowk to Manakpur Kallar and ISBT Zirakpur to Pinjore metro lines are proposed for the second phase, which will be built after 2037. Most of the tracks will be above ground.

Patients had to wait longer than usual, notably outside of the general medicine and surgical OPDs. However, there was little to no disruption of emergency and other services.
On Tuesday, junior resident doctors went on an indefinite strike to demand the adoption of the central residency program with stipends in compliance with central regulations, which partially disrupted OPD services at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32.

Patients had to wait longer than usual, notably outside of the general medicine and surgical OPDs. However, there was little to no impact on emergency and other services.

“I came here because of chest pain,” Mamta Devi, 56, who was waiting outside the general medicine unit, said. When I arrived, there was a sizable line outside the OPD, so it took twice as long as normal.

Another patient, Kashmir Chand, stated, “I had to wait two hours outside the medicine OPD before I was called in.”

The junior resident doctors are calling for the implementation of the central residency program, which includes a better pay, more time off, and other advantages. They will remain on strike on Wednesday as well. Currently, they are compensated in accordance with the Punjab pay scale.

Dr. Simran Kaur Sethi, head of the resident doctors’ association, stated, “We have been receiving verbal guarantees for the past few days. After we informed the company of the strike, the file advanced. 240 junior resident doctors will continue to strike until we receive written consent.

“We do not wish to interfere with patient treatment. For the past few days, we have been in quiet protest, yet nothing has changed. Finally, we have made the decision to stop offering non-emergency services. We will stop providing emergency care as well, Dr. Simran Sethi continued.

Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, the director and principle of GMCH-32, stated, “I received a message from the health secretary this morning regarding the status of the file. I met with the junior residents, informed them of the situation, and begged them not to strike.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/opd-services-partially-hit-as-gmch-32-junior-resident-docs-go-on-indefinite-strike-101694548210511.html


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