You are currently viewing Travel For LIFE’ Campaign is launched by MoT.

Travel For LIFE’ Campaign is launched by MoT.

The ‘Travel for LIFE’ campaign was revealed in New Delhi on Wednesday as part of the Ministry of Tourism (Northern Region)’s celebration of World Tourism Day 2023. The famed “Incredible India” initiative and the new initiative’s introduction have been coordinated.

A large flag-off ceremony was held at the Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station at 8:15 AM to commemorate this momentous occasion. The campaign made an impressive entrance on the Delhi Metro, decorating a few metro trains on the Yellow and Blue lines with vivid displays both inside and out.

Ajay Bhatt, India’s Minister of State for Tourism and Defense, presided over the occasion and formally flagged off the Delhi Metro Train, which featured eye-catching graphics that captured the spirit of the ‘Travel for LIFE’ campaign.

The ‘Travel for LIFE’ initiative encourages vacationers to promote friendship and cross-cultural interaction as they visit various locations. It sends the message that responsible and sustainable tourism should be promoted.

The campaign aims to motivate travelers to experience the world while being respectful of other people’s cultures and the environment using eye-catching graphics and provocative statements displayed both inside and outside Delhi Metro trains. It serves as further evidence that responsible travel is a purpose to make the globe a cleaner, more connected, and more culturally diverse place rather than merely a voyage.

The campaign is anticipated to enthrall commuters, residents, and tourists alike as it unfolds within the Delhi Metro network, inspiring them to embrace the concept of responsible travel and make each journey an enriching experience for themselves and the sites they visit.

The campaign’s congruence with Prime Minister Modi’s goal of encouraging people to explore the wide and diverse world around them was emphasized by Minister Bhatt. He emphasized the value of responsible tourism and the necessity of having travel-related positive effects on the environment and native cultures. The prime minister’s ‘Travel for Life’ goal is for man to explore the cosmos, according to Bhatt. Note the quantity of scrawled slogans here; we are in the middle of the march. Everybody worldwide has embraced the Travel for Life mission that we have described here. We should keep our surroundings tidy because we always go areas that are clean. The companionship necessary for this mission includes things like introductions and the sharing of cultural knowledge.

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