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Yatra Online’s first public offering: The price range for the shares has been set at 142 rupees each. Yatra Online, a travel company, will list its first public offering (IPO) today. the 28th of September 2023. On September 14, the IPO’s subscription period began, and it ended on September 20. On the final day of the subscription period, the initial shares were subscribed 1.61 times.

Initial Public Offering, or IPO, refers to a situation in which the promoters of a company are looking to generate capital for the first time by selling shares in the business.

According to information from the National Stock Exchange, 4,98,92,325 out of the 3,09,42,356 shares that were offered in the inaugural share sale for 775 crore received bids.

The equity shares of Yatra Online Limited will be listed and admitted to dealings on the Exchange in the list of the “B” Group of Securities, the Bombay Stock Exchange announced in a circular prior to the listing: “Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed.”

The issue’s price range has been set at 142 rupees per equity share.
The business said on September 14 that it had raised $348.75 billion from key investors.

Up to 150 crore rupees of the fresh issue’s proceeds will be used for strategic purchases, mergers, and inorganic expansion, and up to 392 crore rupees for investments in customer acquisition and retention, technology, and other organic growth efforts.

The price at which the IPO shares are traded before they are placed on the stock exchange is known as the grey market premium (GMP). TopShareBrokers.com claims that there is no GMP for the Yatra Online IPO.

In terms of the number of corporate clients, Yatra Online Ltd. is a provider of corporate travel services. It is also the third-largest online travel firm in the nation among the major online companies in terms of gross booking revenue and operating revenue. The BSE and NSE will both list the company’s shares. The offer’s managers were SBI Capital Markets, DAM Capital Advisors, and IIFL Securities.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/business/yatra-online-ipo-to-be-listed-today-on-stock-markets-check-price-band-gmp-101695870924769.html


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