Travel Fact For El Salvador !!!

The Travel Fact for the day , today’s fact for the country is El Salvador. It mentions that the El Salvador is also known as the Land of Volcanoes. El Salvador has frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity going on . The only country in Central America that does not have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea. For millions of years, the Caribbean and Cocos tectonic plates have collided beneath El Salvador. The pressure uplifted the Caribbean Plate and melted the subducted Cocos rock, sending plumes of steam and mountains of lava to the surface through fissures. For more detailed information you can just search it by yourself , if you have a great interest in the travel facts. If you international travelers need any help related to visa and packages , we are always available for your help. For Visa and Package Assistance , Contact or WhatsApp us at +91 9810141140.

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