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  • Sanchi town in Madhya Pradesh is the country’s first solar city, according to CM Chouhan

According to Chouhan, over 7,000 Sanchi residents have committed to utilizing solar stand lamps, solar study lamps, and solar lanterns in their homes to reduce their use of power.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, on Wednesday declared Sanchi Nagar, a town with a World Heritage designation, to be India’s first solar city.

A contract to turn Sanchi into a net-zero city was signed under the initiative between the state department of renewable energy and IIT Kanpur.

According to Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh has made progress toward realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda for energy conservation while exhibiting greater social responsibility.

“Another proposal has been made to build a 600 MW power plant in Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh, by covering the dam with solar panels. From Sanchi, the word of peace had once spread throughout the world. Sanchi will now be a leader in the solar energy sector, according to the CM.

The creation of electricity from coal and other sources, according to Chouhan, has a negative impact on the environment. “Sanchi’s residents, the department of new and renewable energy, and all the scientists deserve praise for commencing solar energy production without endangering the environment by forgoing more conventional methods. The construction of a three MW solar project at Nagauri, a town close to Sanchi, has resulted in the creation of Sanchi Solar City. The energy requirements of the agricultural sector will soon be satisfied by a five megawatt solar project that will be built in Gulgaon, according to the CM.

According to Chouhan, over 7,000 inhabitants of Sanchi have promised to use solar stand lamps, solar study lamps, and solar lanterns in their homes to save electricity.

The energy agency estimates that Sanchi Solar City will cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 14,000 tonnes, or more than 238,000 trees. E-cars have received promotion. Three e-rickshaw charging stations and four commercial charging stations have been put in place. Additionally, using battery-powered vehicles will save more than $9 lakh in diesel costs.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/madhya-pradesh-s-sanchi-becomes-india-s-first-solar-city-reducing-carbon-emissions-and-promoting-renewable-energy-101694027471064.html


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