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  • Flights from Sahnewal Airport in Ludhiana have resumed after a two-year hiatus.

An inaugural fare of $999 is offered for the Ludhiana-NCR route when the Punjab CM signs off the Hindon-Ludhiana flight. Flight will initially run five days per week.
Bhagwant Singh Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, on Wednesday signaled the start of the Hindon-Ludhiana-Hindon flight, restarting aviation service at the Ludhiana Sahnewal airport after a break of more than two years. The CM declared that as an initial bonus, the journey from Ludhiana to NCR will only cost 999 for the first three months.

The flight is scheduled to land in Hindon at 2.30 pm tomorrow and depart the following morning at 8.30 am, though the itinerary is subject to change.

The timetable for the following two days has been decided, but the timings are still being worked out, according to Amardeep Nehra, director of Sahnewal Airport.

Under the moniker Fly Big Airlines, M/s Big Charter Private Limited Company will run the trip. The flight will initially run five days a week, but starting next month, it will run seven days a week.

The aircraft is a 19-seater twin otter, a utility transport aircraft with short takeoff and landing capabilities that may easily be employed on small runways.

The CM declared that all 19 tickets’ viability gap funding (VGF) will be covered by the state government. He added that the state portion will be 20% (or $2,366) each seat and that all 19 seats will get VGF gap funding of $11,829 per ticket for one side trip.

Mann added that SpiceJet will launch a daily service from Adampur to Nanded, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, and Bengaluru in the following two months after the air terminal at Adampur is operational. “According to the CM, Alliance Air and Fly Big will resume daily flights from Bathinda to Delhi and Bathinda to Hindon airports, respectively, in the next two months. Star Alliance will also begin a daily trip from Adampur to Hindon.

In accordance with the RCS-Udaan Scheme, Alliance Air would also begin flying flights from Sahnewal Airport to Delhi in the upcoming two months, the CM declared. He added that Halwara Airport would soon be open for business.

Technical difficulties caused the flight cancellation on September 7: authorities

On September 7, just one day after takeoff, the aircraft from Sahnewal to Hindon that was set to depart at 11.10 am was canceled, leaving more than a dozen people stranded.

Hotelier Harjinder Singh Kukreja of the city described his hardship, saying that the ticket he had purchased from Ludhiana to Hindon and then for an additional flight to Dehradun has since been canceled.

“It’s unfortunate that FlyBig’s debut trip from Ludhiana to Dehradun tomorrow, September 7, has been abruptly canceled. I was meant to be on the flight, but I didn’t learn of the cancellation until I called FlyBig’s helpline,” he said.

Since they only began operating after two years, according to airport director Amardeep Nehra, there were some technical difficulties that resulted in the flight’s cancellation.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/punjab-cm-flags-off-hindon-ludhiana-flight-fare-just-999-more-flights-to-resume-soon-101694029148884.html


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