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BEST chooses not to eliminate open-deck buses in response to public demand.

Following favorable comments from the general public, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) project in Mumbai will purchase new open-deck tourist buses. The choice was made following the revelation that the final three of these buses will be destroyed. With prices ranging from 180 to 400, the buses will be utilized for both curated and uncurated trips.
The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) initiative announced on Wednesday that it would purchase new open-deck tourist buses, which is good news for Mumbai residents. The remaining three of these buses, known as Nilambari, would be scrapped by the initiative on October 5, according to HT’s story from September 5.

“We have started the process, but we haven’t decided how many of these buses we’ll order just yet. This decision was made as a result of the feedback we received on the continuation of the Nilambari buses, according to a BEST official who wished to remain unnamed.

According to sources, they would run AC double-decker buses for tourists along Nilambari’s route till they received the buses. Three AC double-decker buses will run during the week, increasing to five on weekends.

The three Nilambari buses carried 15,358 people on 502 trips in August, bringing in BEST 22.96 lakh in earnings. For tailored excursions, a one-hour fee of 400 rupees is charged, and the bus departs from Colaba or the Gateway of India and travels to significant sites. There are also uncurated rides that may be purchased for 180 immediately from the starting point by a visitor.

Depending on whether someone wants to ride for an hour or a half-hour, the prices may change. Since their introduction in January 1997, the Nilambari buses have carried between 150 and 250 visitors daily on average. Prior to this, about 50 open-deck double-decker buses that could have had air conditioning on the bottom deck were suggested, but they were never implemented.

Source- Hindustan times

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