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Delhi government launches survey to determine mohalla bus routes

According to a Thursday official announcement, the Delhi government has decided to begin operating miniature electric Mohalla buses on the city’s roads in order to gauge the demand for such a service throughout the city.

The Delhi government will begin operating small electric mohalla buses on the roadways of the city. To identify the demand for mohalla bus services throughout various Delhi neighborhoods and choose the best routes, according to the statement.
It went on to say that as part of the feasibility assessment, the Delhi Transport Department had begun a thorough Ground Assessment Exercise that will be expanded to more regions.

The official statement read, “This 15-day evaluation starts today and ends on June 15th, with 23 technical teams being dispatched to different places to undertake the study.

Additionally, it asked Delhi residents to submit their opinions and recommendations on the subject. is where Delhi residents may send their comments and recommendations, it added.

Kailash Gahlot, the transport minister for Delhi, stated in a statement: “Delhi has never purchased more than 2,000 feeder buses. In addition to improving first and last mile connectivity for bus users, the smaller 9-meter buses will run on routes that are inaccessible to 12-meter buses.

The minister went on to say that they were making sure that “all important routes are covered by these Mohalla buses, connecting key places and points of interest in Delhi” by setting up teams around the city to gather public feedback.

“Under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, incorporating the feedback of people has always been an important parameter to come out with a solution directly impacting their lives,” the speaker continued.

The press release also stated that as part of their mission, the dedicated teams would travel to Delhi’s high-potential metro stations, bus terminals, stops, and other neighborhoods.

The statement went on to say that their primary focus would be on analyzing elements like travel demand assessment, in which teams would assess the need for last-mile connectivity in each location and research resident preferences for transport modes for such connectivity.

The road networks would also be examined, and this would entail determining the viability of the available roadways in each locality while taking into account things like road width, encroachments, and operational limitations.

The announcement continued, “Taking into account the distance passengers must travel to reach various forms of transportation, the current level of public transportation connection was also significant in evaluating the existing public transportation services in the demand zone.

It stated that shared e-rickshaws, cars, and other para-transit options are all available in each location and that the focus would be on paratransit connectivity.

According to the press release, the information gathered during this exercise will be converted to digital form and used to calculate the starting point and ending point of each locality’s proposed Mohalla bus service.

Additionally, it will help in determining the quickest routes that can carry the most passengers, according to the statement.

It was said that Delhi CM’s data-driven strategy strives to achieve optimal overlap with other local transit options while encouraging cost-effective and efficient public transport solutions.
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