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On Thursday, the Amrit Bharat Station Consultative Committee comprising Members of Parliament for the Ministry of Railways decided to modernise 1,275 railway stations. The choice was made during a gathering in New Delhi.

An official statement claims that the Members of Parliament for the Ministry of Railways planned services on the Indian Railways with an objective to support services on the Indian Railways and encourage station development under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.

Additionally, it stated that other MPs attended the meeting, which was presided over by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

According to the statement, the members were informed that over 1.8 crore passengers use Indian Railways every day and that every effort was being made to ensure the provision and availability of suitable catering facilities for the passengers in trains and stations.

It was further stated that in the recent years, Railways had not only conducted a thorough analysis of catering services but had also started structural reforms to usher in a paradigm shift in the catering industry.

The statement added that there were 473 train pairs with pantry cars or small pantries and 706 train pairs with a train-side vending facility, and that catering services were provided to passengers through either static or mobile units.

It further said that Indian Railways had 9,342 minor and 582 major static units, including Jan Aahaars shops, Food Plazas, and Refreshment Rooms.

“Indian Railways has a catering policy, with the objective of providing quality food to rail passengers by unbundling catering services of trains and creating a primary distinction between food preparation and food distribution,” it stated.

It also stated that the ministry had granted IRCTC flexibility to create and decide the catering services menu in order to incorporate all items of regional cuisine, seasonal delicacies, and food items as per the preferences of various passenger groups. The Indian Railways have also implemented the e-catering programme.

Additionally, it stated that both mobile and stationary catering units offered cashless transaction capabilities, and that third-party audits of catering services were also conducted to guarantee quality and service standards.

It also mentioned the usage of regular, surprise inspections to keep an eye on and manage the catering services.

It stated that so far, three stations have undergone modernization: Rani Kamlapati in Madhya Pradesh, Gandhinagar in Gujarat, and Sir M Vishweshwaraiah Railway Station in Karnataka.

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