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  • Mumbai: Reconstruction work on the Delisle Bridge will be finished by the end of July.

Mumbai’s Lower Parel station’s Delisle Bridge has one side that is now accessible to traffic, according to a civic official.

According to a press release from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the Delisle Bridge’s west side carriageway is now open for traffic in accordance with directives from the Mumbai police, but the east side carriageway won’t be ready for traffic until the end of July due to ongoing construction.

Drivers can now access Peninsula Corporate Park from Western Railway Workshop, but they cannot access Currey Road as that side is still under construction, according to officials.

On the basis of a structural audit assessment provided by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the bridge was closed to traffic in 2018. Thereafter, it was gradually destroyed.

“Roughly 87 percent of the reconstruction work for the Delisle Bridge has been finished, and the final 15 percent is anticipated to be finished by the end of July. The launch of two girders that were 90 meters long and weighed 1,100 tonnes was the most difficult component of rebuilding the bridge, an official said.

After launching both girders, Western Railway turned the bridge over to BMC in October 2022 so that the remaining work could be finished.

Since the bridge is an east-west connector, its closure has caused traffic jams in the neighborhood, which is teeming with business buildings and apartment complexes, as well as in places like Dadar, Elphinstone Road, and Mahalaxmi.

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