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Agnihotri: HRTC to hire 300 mechanics

On Tuesday, Mukesh Agnihotri, the deputy chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, announced that the transport department would not raise the state’s minimum fare and that the approximately 3 crore rupees in unpaid dearness allowance debt owed by the transport corporation’s employees would be paid before Diwali.

The minimal fare has been pushed up by private bus companies.

During a news conference following the meeting of the transport corporation’s board of directors, he said that corporation buses will go to all of the nation’s religious sites, including Ayodhya and Amritsar, and that the corporation was establishing 100 routes for this. He stated that the selection commission would be used for the hiring process.

According to Agnihotri, the payment for the approximately 3 crore rupees in unpaid dearness allowance for transport corporation employees would be made before Diwali.

He claimed that it had been decided to give all of the employees leaving the company a lump sum payout for their earned vacation time and other holidays. He stated that up until September, the administration would regularize 400 employees.

The only modification to the baggage policy, according to the deputy CM, is the addition of a clause requiring individuals who simply ship products and do not use a bus to pay a fare.

According to Agnihotri, the company would also implement a cashless system for bus ticket purchases. Passengers will be able to pay the fare under this by using an ATM card.

Source- Travel daily

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