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  • On a stretch near the Navale Bridge, the RTO intends to adopt integrated traffic management

RTO intends to put the integrated traffic management system (ITMS) in place on the section of roadway close to Navale Bridge.

Sanjeev Bhor, a regional transport officer for Pune, and other top authorities paid a visit to the scene of the disaster near the Navale Bridge on Tuesday, when four people lost their lives the previous night.

After inspecting the route, the department intends to install the integrated traffic management system (ITMS) throughout the highway stretch and will send the report to the state transportation agency.

On Monday, a truck carrying ground wheat crashed with two cars and caught fire near Navale Bridge Swami Narayan Temple on the Pune-Mumbai route, killing four people, three of whom were children.

“We have been putting road safety measures in place on this stretch with other governmental agencies for the past three years,” Bhor stated. Although yesterday’s accident was terrible, our team investigated the scene to determine what went wrong. We will deliver our findings to the state transportation agency. To reduce accidents, we are debating implementing the ITMS system along this length.

In August 2023, the Maharashtra state transportation department presented the state government with a proposal to deploy the ITMS system on all nine major highways. The ITMS project on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway was recently finished by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC).

Source- Hindustan times


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