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Akkulam’s tourism village will soon receive a glass bridge thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from locals and financial gains. Six months after launching, the tourist village has seen over one million visitors and earned more over Rs 1 crore.

As part of Akkulam’s further development as an adventure tourism destination, a glass bridge will be built. The tourism agency has begun the first stages of the project.

The bridge’s construction, which will make use of imported high-quality glass, is scheduled to be finished in two stages. It will rise to an initial height of 36 m (54 ft) in the first stage. By the conclusion of the second phase, when the bridge has been lengthened to about 80 metres, tourists will be able to see the Veli beachfront and take in the stunning sunset. According to the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society, all safety regulations would be followed during the initial phase of development, which will cost about Rs 75 lakh. Sharon Veettil, the council secretary for the district’s tourism marketing council, said that a soil test and preliminary structural engineering work are now underway.

After the launch of the project’s first phase in November 2022 was met with great success, the present plan was put into action. The Thiruvananthapuram district tourism promotion council and the Vattiyoorkavu Youth Brigade Entrepreneurs Co-Operative Society (VYBeCOS) work together to manage and maintain Akkulam, which has become a prominent tourist destination in the district.

More families visit now that we have the adventure park, fish pedicure, and other fun things to do for the kids. We also moved the closing hour later in the evening, from 6:30 to 11, to attract more night owls. We also made sure the place was spotless, with a team of 12 cleaners working for Kudumbashree. The admission prices of Rs 20 for children and Rs 30 for adults remain the same, but a new one-day package option named “a day out at Akkulam” has been made available. This is a favourite among out-of-state visitors and costs Rs 1,300 per person. It features a three-course meal, welcome drinks, and evening snacks. The head of VYBeCOS, Vishnu J. Menon, made this statement.

The second phase of construction has also seen the launch of the Akkulam express toy train. There will also be a pets park, a mud race circuit, and a virtual reality area. In a statement, the secretary added, “We are planning for the mud race track to be a collaboration with the motor vehicles department.”

Another tourism-related project in its early phases is the Adimalathura floating bridge, which will be modelled like Beypore’s. The planned expansion of the tourism industry here will include a variety of water sports and associated activities.

SOURCE :- https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/akkulam-tourist-village-all-set-to-get-a-glass-bridge/articleshow/100515864.cms?from=mdr


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