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Website For SOTC Travel Is Launched In Three Regional Languages

In addition to English, SOTC Travel, a leading omnichannel travel and tourism firm, established its website in three regional languages: Hindi, Gujarati, and Tamil, in order to reach the high potential regional market of India and cater to the developing digital aware language groups. By letting customers use their preferred language as the content interface for a variety of its products and services, this effort enables the organisation to strengthen its regional connections.

According to the company’s most recent India Holiday Report for May 2023, 60% of its consumers from India’s Tier 2-3 markets are showing a strong interest in travelling. A notable 35% of SOTC’s holiday business comes from regional India, making these regions important growth drivers for the company due to their high levels of disposable income, strong travel intent, and aspirational value of holidays. Thus, SOTC plans to reach out to this quickly expanding market with the development of its website in three important regional languages.

In order to meet these needs, SOTC Travel has carefully selected a variety of holidays and special departures based on the distinct interests of its customers from Regional India. For instance, the Company has introduced “Gurjar Vishwadarshan holidays,” which provide vegetarian and Gujarati meals across important countries including Europe, South East Asia, and other destinations. Local cuisine preferences are a major necessity for Gujarati customers.

The president and country head for holidays at SOTC Travel, Daniel D’souza, commented on this by saying, “We are pleased to announce the debut of our website in Hindi, Gujarati, and Tamil languages. Regional India is a crucial market for us, and offering our website to users in the language of their choosing strengthens our relationship with clients. We strive to provide great customer service, and this process begins with browsing and booking on our website in your region’s language.

Group vacations were originally introduced by SOTC Travel in India, and the nation’s travel customs have rapidly evolved under its leadership. With a history spanning more than 70 years and a reputation for reliability, SOTC Travel has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry.

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