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All Club Vistara members now receive free Wi-Fi internet connectivity on all international flights (operated on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus A321neo aircraft) operated by Vistara, India’s best full-service carrier and a joint venture of the Tata group and Singapore Airlines. All Club Vistara members have access to this free Wi-Fi service, regardless of their membership tier, point total, length of membership, etc. Vistara is the first airline in India to provide free, limitless Wi-Fi to its passengers while they are in flight. No fees or charges are necessary to enroll in Club Vistara.

“At Vistara, we recognize that staying connected is an essential aspect of modern-day life,” stated Deepak Rajawat, Chief Commercial Officer. We are happy to provide our devoted Club Vistara members with free Wi-Fi on a few overseas flights. This endeavor also serves as a reminder of our steadfast dedication to consistently improving the value of our reward program. We have no doubt that this will greatly enhance the first-rate experience we provide onboard.

The goal of this special offer is to make traveling more enjoyable for Club Vistara members overall. Members of Club Vistara must confirm that their email addresses and phone numbers are valid in their Club Vistara accounts in order to use this service. In addition, they must add their Club Vistara ID to the reservation at the time of check-in or before to takeoff. By giving their ticket number or PNR, members who enroll after making a reservation or at the airport will be able to link their CV ID to their reservation.   Members can use a single device to access this service.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Unlimited data for messaging services is available to Club Vistara members on international flights (flown on Airbus A321 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners).
  • Members have to have finished enrolling and confirmed their phone number and email address.
  • To receive the advantage, members must make sure their CV ID is added to the reservation before boarding the aircraft.
  • Members are limited to using this service on a single device and may only use it for themselves.

In addition to unlimited chatting, CV Platinum users are also eligible for an extra 50MB of data that can be utilized for surfing. To use both features, members must first activate the 50 MB internet subscription and then the unlimited texting service.

All other terms and conditions of Club Vistara are applicable.

In addition to winning multiple “Best Airline” accolades and receiving praise for maintaining the best safety standards and providing the cleanest cabins in the world, Vistara is the highest rated airline in India on both Skytrax and TripAdvisor. At the coveted World Airline Awards 2023 by Skytrax, Vistara—the only Indian airline to rank among the world’s top 20 airlines—was named the 16th best airline worldwide, as well as the best airline in India and South Asia for three consecutive years, the best airline staff in India and South Asia for five consecutive years, the best cabin crew in India and South Asia for three consecutive years, and the best business class airline in India and South Asia for two consecutive years. For the second year in a row, Vistara was also named the Third Youngest Airline Fleet in Asia by ch-aviation.

For all Club Vistara members, this package includes unlimited data perfect for chatting apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, and similar services). Additionally, 50MB of extra data is provided to Business Class and Platinum members. This data can be utilized for social media engagement, web browsing, and email and messaging applications to stay connected. Platinum subscribers must first activate the 50MB surf package in order to use the unlimited texting service.

Source- Travel daily


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