You are currently viewing Air India has chosen Sabre GDS to provide Indian travel companies with its in-flight programming

Air India has chosen Sabre GDS to provide Indian travel companies with its in-flight programming

An improved distribution agreement was struck by Sabre Corporation and Air India, the top international airline in India and a member of Star Alliance, expanding on their cooperation that was first announced in April 2023. 

Travel agencies in India will be able to access Air India’s vast domestic content through the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) on January 1, 2024, as a result of the enhanced agreement. This would provide Indian travel buyers with a wider selection of tickets and prices, enabling them to provide better customer service. In the future, Air India will also be able to distribute New Distribution Capability (NDC) material worldwide via Sabre’s travel marketplace.

The two businesses inked a new distribution agreement earlier this year that gave travelers all over the world access to Air India content via Sabre’s travel marketplace. Through that partnership, travel agencies in India could browse for international fares, while travel companies outside of India could access Air India’s domestic and international flight options. The carrier’s domestic content for points of sale within India is now included in that arrangement.

“India currently holds a prominent position in the global domestic aviation market, with all the necessary foundations in place for substantial future expansion. As we move forward with our transformation initiatives, one of our top priorities is to collaborate with the appropriate technology partners to take advantage of these development prospects, said Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India. “Our partnership with Sabre has already shown to be fruitful, which is in line with our dedication to providing our guests with accessible and easy-to-use travel solutions. We are making it easier for travelers to experience the wide range of destinations that Air India’s domestic network covers and to go overseas with ease by collaborating with Sabre to distribute our domestic content to our native India market.

This improved collaboration helps Sabre increase its presence in the growingly significant Indian travel market, improve travel agent content, and help Air India reach a wider audience. The extensive domestic network of Air India connects major towns, well-liked tourist spots, and commercial hubs throughout the whole country. Travel agencies in India with Sabre connections will be able to easily access and book Air India flights alongside other international airlines thanks to the addition of domestic content to Sabre’s GDS. This will enable multi-carrier itineraries and guarantee a more seamless travel experience for passengers.

“We’re delighted that our partnership with Air India is gaining more strength and impetus,” Sabre’s chief commercial officer, Roshan Mendis, stated. With the addition of its local content to our global travel marketplace, Air India, which has extremely ambitious expansion goals, will be able to widen its distribution strategy, expand its geographic reach, and improve income potential in one of the aviation markets with the fastest growth rates in the world. Our commitment to providing travel agencies with extensive material is demonstrated by the integration of Air India’s domestic content into our GDS, which further increases the value we offer to our clients.

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