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Use of digital travel platforms is expanding

40% of Indians want a connected travel experience, while 57% prefer a planned itinerary. The APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023, second edition, was been issued by The paper offers a thorough examination of traveler perceptions of the sustainability equation, post-pandemic travel patterns, and digital and leisure travel trends. The report highlights the significant rise in the widespread use of digital travel platforms for all aspects of travel, from planning and evaluating alternatives to making actual bookings.

Increasing use of online travel agencies Online travel agencies are now a crucial component of streamlining and enhancing the trip planning process. They have fundamentally altered the way individuals think about, plan, and book their vacation. Therefore, 57% of Indians like to have a scheduled schedule and make reservations for restaurants, attractions, and other activities in advance. Only 30% said they prefer to reserve travel and lodging in advance; everything else may be done on the fly.

Factors to take into account while selecting a digital trip booking platform

A few criteria are taken into account before making a reservation by nearly half (42%) of Indian travelers who said they trust digital travel platforms. When using digital travel platforms, Indian travelers prioritize elements outside price, such as booking numerous aspects of their vacation and accommodating cancellation and refund policies. 

Cost: According to a poll of Indian travelers, 50% of them utilize internet price comparison tools before making hotel reservations.

A range of lodging options: A digital travel platform is chosen by over 40% of travelers due to the diversity of lodging choices it offers, including hotels, apartments, hostels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts.

Flexible cancellation and reservation policies: According to 40% of Indian respondents, flexible cancellation and refund policies are another thing they take into account when choosing a digital travel agency.

Good user experience: Before making a decision, 35% of users rely on the experiences and reviews of other users on the platform’s website or app.

Loyalty Programs: According to 24% of the Indian respondents, loyalty programs are a factor people take into account when selecting a digital travel platform.

The report also shows that Indian travelers are increasingly favoring digital travel sites that allow them to book a variety of travel-related services. According to research from, close to 40% of travelers opt for platforms that offer them a linked trip experience, which effortlessly combines different travel-related elements like accommodations, activities, and services into a single, interconnected itinerary. These experiences are sought after by travelers because of their unmatched ease, effectiveness, and immersiveness.

Travelers can now book various aspects of their trip on the platform, from renting a car and arranging a local tour to booking the ideal stay regardless of the destination or budget, as part of’s commitment to creating a seamless customer journey across the entire trip planning process.

Please check the full report for more information on India and the TCI 2023 research.

Source- Travel daily 

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