You are currently viewing ‘Travellers Nest’ is introduced by Meghalaya not far from the Khasi people’s revered forests.

‘Travellers Nest’ is introduced by Meghalaya not far from the Khasi people’s revered forests.

Conrad K. Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, emphasized the significance of community involvement in driving the state’s economic model on Thursday.

While opening “The Travellers Nest” at Kyiem village, Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills, adjacent to the renowned sacred forests of the Khasis, he made this statement.

“Our strength lies in community involvement, which we are leveraging for our economic model,” he declared.

He stated, “Meghalaya’s success cannot be done in isolation, highlighting the combined duty of different stakeholders, including the government, community, and general public. Every stakeholder has a job to play, and it’s critical to recognize these roles while keeping the overall objective in mind.

According to him, the government is aiming to highlight Meghalaya’s advantages as a prime example of community strengths driving sustainable economic success.

“We are developing an economy and way of life based on the advantages of our state. We want to show off this model to the globe,” the CM declared.

The chief minister stated his excitement over “The Travellers Nest”-style programs.

The Travellers Nest is a prefabricated building 28 kilometers south of the state capital that features five cottages and a café to accommodate travelers.

“Tourism is a crucial industry for us. Through various interventions by stakeholders, our objective is to generate close to one lakh job opportunities in the sector, he added.

According to Sangma, the government is providing significant subsidies ranging from 30% to 75% for projects started by various entrepreneurs, self-help organizations, and other entities under the Chief Minister’s Elevate program.

He continued, “The program’s objective is to revitalize the economy through a variety of initiatives, from movie theaters to health clubs and tourism ventures.

Source- Hindustan times

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