Travel Fact For United Kingdom !!!!

The Great Britain , an island separated from the European mainland through the English Channel and North Sea. It comprises of the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. A long history is evident in prehistoric sites such as Neolithic Stonehenge and medieval castles like those at Warwick, Dover and Caernarvon. Roman ruins include Hadrian’s Wall, which once divided Roman Britain from the northern Scottish Lowlands. The Republic of Ireland occupies most of the island of Ireland, off the coast of England and Wales. The capital is Dublin which is the birthplace of writers like Oscar Wilde, and the home of Guinness beer. The 9th-century Book of Kells and other illustrated manuscripts are on show in Dublin’s Trinity College Library. This was an overview for the fact related. Daily facts will be presented you for every travelers. For Package and Visa Assistance , Contact or WhatsApp us at +91 9810141140.

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