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  • The state of Goa has just introduced the ‘Goa Taxi App’ with the aim of enhancing the whole travel experience for visitors.

The “Goa Taxi App” was officially launched by the Department of Tourism, Goa, in the presence of esteemed individuals such as the Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant, and the Minister of Tourism, ITE&C, Printing & Stationery, Goa, Rohan A Khaunte. Other notable attendees included Ganesh Gaonkar, Chairman GTDC, Sanjay Goel, IAS, Secretary of Tourism, Goa, and Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director of Tourism, Goa.

The introduction of this application aims to facilitate seamless transportation and improve the overall travel experience for both residents and visitors around the state. Furthermore, this initiative will provide Goan taxi drivers the chance to augment their earnings inside the region while also providing a competitive edge in terms of pricing. This application will also provide the ease of requesting a taxi from the comfort of one’s residence or lodging for both local inhabitants and visitors.

The Goa Taxi App encompasses several notable characteristics, including a mobile application that facilitates driver registration and booking processes.

  • The cab hailing service caters to both citizens of the state and visitors visiting the state.
  • Real-time updates are provided to the driver, passenger, and command center.
  • The fare structure is dynamic and determined by factors such as the time of day, geographical region, and specific routes.
  • The incorporation of Google Maps for the provision of location services.
  • The integration of payment gateways for wallet, card, and UPI payment methods is essential.
  • The method of payment involving the exchange of physical currency, sometimes referred to as cash.
  • In the event of an emergency, a distress signal may be sent by the passenger.
  • In the event of an accident or vehicle malfunction, a distress signal may be sent to the driver for assistance.

The Goa Taxi App facilitates the convenient booking of taxis at any given moment, regardless of whether it is during the day or night. In the context of a visitor, the preference for utilizing a chauffeur-driven taxi at a cost-effective rate is likely to outweigh the option of utilizing a self-driven automobile or bicycle. When a traveler lacks familiarity with the topography of a particular place and depends on Google Maps for navigation, it leads to a distressing encounter. The implementation of a consolidated taxi application system enables passengers to evaluate the performance of the driver, document any occurrences of misconduct, and seek support via the designated call center. Furthermore, the application is equipped with an emergency SOS feature that may be utilized in the event of a catastrophe, malfunction, emergency, or any security-related concern specifically aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of female travelers.

During the event, the Chief Minister expressed that their objective over the past four years has been to foster technological advancements in diverse domains, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life and overall satisfaction of both tourists and inhabitants in Goa. Over the past six months, our company has received a favorable reception, and we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Goa Taxi App today. Our objective is to attract visitors of high quality rather than focusing solely on quantity. Additionally, it would contribute to the reduction of accidents and enhance the safety of women during their travels. I strongly advocate for the utilization of the Goa Taxi App, and I praise individuals who have already embraced its usage as it signifies their confidence in the governmental system.

Khaunte announced the inauguration of the Goa Taxi App, emphasizing that it is now available at no charge. Tourism plays a vital role in the economic landscape of our state, therefore emphasizing the importance of efficient transportation systems. This application will be transferred to the individuals responsible for managing taxi services. Both tourists and the indigenous population of Goa would derive advantages from this development. Regarding the aspect of pricing, the prices utilized will be those that have been officially sanctioned by the Director of Transportation. The aforementioned service has been operational at the MOPA airport, namely at a designated counter, for a duration of six months. The outcomes have been positive as a result of the utilization of over 500 rides and the registration of more than 1,000 automobiles on the Goa Taxi App. To date, our organization has catered to an estimated total of 30,000 visitors. The implementation of this project will encompass not only coastal areas but also locations next to industrial zones, with the aim of promoting carpooling and other related endeavors. The booking service operates seamlessly and is available around the clock. An additional characteristic of the system is its ability to provide prompt feedback from passengers, allowing them to evaluate and score the performance of drivers. Additionally, there is a call center that can be accessed in the case of misconduct. Additionally, there exists an SOS emergency center specifically designed to cater to the needs of women.

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