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  • The Ramgarh crater in Rajasthan is slated to become a geo-tourism hotspot.

The Ramgarh crater in Rajasthan’s Baran district, which is said to have formed 600 million years ago, is set to become a geo-tourist attraction in the near future. It’s the third crater in the United States and the first in the state. Dhala crater in Madhya Pradesh and Lunar crater in Maharashtra are the other two. Officials from the Rajasthan Tourism Department estimated that once the plan was put into action, between 30,000 and 40,000 people would visit the location annually.

Construction on the property, which will serve as a tourist attraction, has begun at a cost of 57.22 crore. They mentioned improving the appearance of the crater lake, building new facilities, and doing other forms of landscaping at the site. Officials have announced that the Tourism Department will be developing a café, a knowledge centre, an information centre.

They suggested setting up gardens and green space, building a ghat, setting up an entry gate and signage, and installing drip irrigation. Rashmi Sharma, head of India’s Department of Tourism, predicted that the Ramgarh crater will become a popular tourist attraction as the government took steps to encourage geology tourism.

The location represents the perfect synthesis of geology, archaeology, and history. She further mentioned that the Forest Department has designated a conservation area in the Ramgarh region. Officials have stated that the Tourism Department, the Forest Department, and the Public Works Department are all working together to improve the area.

The crater was discovered in 1869, according to Satish Tripathi, general secretary of The Society of Earth Scientists. He stated it was located 12 kilometres from the Mangrol tehsil in the Baran region. This 3.5-kilometer-wide crater was likely created 600 million years ago when a meteorite crashed to Earth.

Crater 200 in the list of World Geo-Heritage sites is the Ramgarh crater. Since the sand melts and turns to glass when hit by a meteorite, Tripathi claims that this is scientific proof that a meteorite did indeed fall here.

The crater has abnormally high concentrations of iron, nickel, and cobalt. He also noted that many asteroids had significant amounts of these substances. According to Daleep Singh Rathore, deputy director of tourism, a small Shiva temple built in the Khajuraho style in the 10th century can be seen on the rim of the Ramgarh crater.

Many migratory birds use the two lakes found within this construction as their primary habitat. He further mentioned that the Kelpuri Samadhi Sthal and a set of very ancient temples, including a 950-year-old Devi temple, may be found in this area. He also mentioned that chital deer and wild boars are there, so the location has everything needed for a tourism destination.

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