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  • The mayor of Chandigarh conducts an evaluation of the ongoing smart city initiatives.

The Chief General Manager of Chandigarh Smart City Limited, NP Sharma, provided a comprehensive update to the Mayor of Chandigarh, Anup Gupta, regarding the projects that have been executed and are currently in the process of being implemented.
During a review meeting of the Chandigarh smart city advisory forum on Monday, the city mayor, Anup Gupta, assessed the present status and advancement of all projects undertaken by Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) throughout the city.

The review meeting provided a detailed account of the progress of several projects and their significant contributions to the development of Chandigarh
The Chief General Manager of CSCL, Mr. NP Sharma, provided a comprehensive overview to the chairperson of the projects that have been executed and are currently in the process of implementation. Anindita Mitra, the CEO of CSCL, was in attendance at the meeting.

During the review meeting, a detailed account was provided regarding the progress of various projects, such as public bike sharing, garbage transfer stations cum material recovery facilities, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for solid waste management vehicles tracking, smart solutions in education, and tertiary treated projects. The discussion highlighted the positive impact that these projects have been generating in the city. The current state of sewerage treatment plants was also communicated to the municipal mayor.

The implementation of smart city initiatives has yielded several advantages, including a decrease in traffic infractions, a reduction in carbon emissions, fuel conservation through the use of adaptive traffic control systems (ATCS), and the settlement of criminal cases facilitated by closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance. According to Gupta, the implementation of the intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) has resulted in the capture of over 2.8 million offences over a period of 17 months. Furthermore, the issuance of over 1 million challans and an estimated revenue of approximately ₹12 crore by the traffic police have been achieved.

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The mayor extended congratulations to the CSCL team for their notable accomplishments, including receiving the Best UT Award, the first award in governance and mobility projects, the third award in the SCADA sanitation category in the India Smart Cities Award Contest 2022, securing first place in the Learnathon organized by the National Institute of Urban Affairs, and being honored with the “Outstanding Concrete Structure 2023” award for ICCC, PCCC, and SCADA by the Indian Concrete Institute.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/chandigarh-mayor-reviews-smart-city-projects-101695076293158.html


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