You are currently viewing The handover of Mumbai’s highest SRA project with sea views has begun.

The handover of Mumbai’s highest SRA project with sea views has begun.

The tallest SRA building in Mumbai, located at Dhobi Ghat in Mahalaxmi, has started to deliver its first rehab homes, according to Omkar Realtors. 1,000 households will receive new dwellings in the first phase, along with 19 retail spaces. Many of the residents of the towers, which are close to the outdoor laundry, are traditional dhobi families. The project, a partnership between Piramal Realty and Omkar Group, features amenities including welfare centers and balwadis. The Arabian Sea and Mahalaxmi Racecourse can be seen from the new residences. As the tallest rehabilitation structure in the world, the initiative is being praised.
Mumbai: Omkar Realtors has started delivering the first rehab homes in two 42-story buildings, Mumbai’s tallest SRA structure, at the famous Dhobi Ghat in Mahalaxmi, marking a significant SRA housing milestone.

In the first phase, about 1,000 families will receive their 300 square foot new homes along with 19 retail outlets. On August 18, the developer handed over the first 300 homes.

The towers are 150 meters away from Dhobi Ghat, an outdoor laundromat built in the 1890s that has 730 washing stones. “Many of the residents are traditional dhobi families,” said Lokesh Kanojia, a resident of Flat No. 774. “For generations, my family has done laundry at Dhobi Ghat, and this area, where the rehab towers have gone up, was where we dried the washed clothes, or sukhani as we call it.”

Nearly 70% of the families, according to project organizer Ganesh Kesavan, work in the washing industry. Shrinivas Satta stated, “It has become quite convenient for us. “Our place of business is only 200 meters away. Our families are moving in right now.

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