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  • The GoFirst debacle baffles foreign tourists, who in turn swarm travel agencies.

Kunal Singhani, the owner of aner, has just seen a loss of about Rs70,000. Chandigarh native Shivam Sakhuja finds himself in a difficult predicament. They are both flying on GoFirst’s foreign routes.

On Thursday, Singhani was scheduled to take a trip from Delhi to Bangkok with GoFirst (G8-37). How, he pondered, would he get his money back? I spent a tonne of money on hotel rooms in addition to the airfare, and I can’t get any of it back. I’ve tried getting in touch with the airline several times, but to no avail.

They’re assuring me the flight is on time, but I have my doubts,” Sakhuja, who was also scheduled to fly on May 11, said. Cancellation fees will be deducted from my account by the airline if I decide to cancel my ticket. I’ve spent over a hundred thousand rupees on this vacation and am still having bad dreams.

Supreet Singh of Bengaluru, who was supposed to go to Thailand in the second week of May, said, “I can’t contact GoFirst and don’t know if it will be sensible to cancel the ticket. I am now expecting a response from them.

In addition to thousands of local passengers, many overseas passengers have been left in limbo due of the GoFirst debacle. In light of this situation, certain travel agencies have complained that they have taken the biggest hits.

Since GoFirst has cancelled their flights, several people are stranded in Srinagar. It’s the busiest travel time of the year, and our customers are mad with us because they were stuck at airports,” the travel agency rep added.

“I have clients going to Bangkok in June,” said Santosh Gupta of Shree Vinayak Holidays. They had been phoning me nonstop. I don’t think they’ll cease flying internationally on May 5, but they could scale back on domestic service.

“Several passengers overseas had return dates in the next couple of days,” another official from the travel company claimed. They are now completely abandoned.

SOURCE :- https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/gofirst-fiasco-puzzles-international-travellers-calls-flood-travel-agents/articleshow/99974462.cms


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