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 The Delhi government will set up Chhath at 1,000 ghats in the city.

The Delhi administration has begun making arrangements at 1,000 ghats throughout the city in anticipation of Chhath puja celebrations next month.

In order to ensure that elaborate preparations are made for the event, the Delhi government said on Wednesday that it has started making plans for Chhath puja celebrations scheduled for next month.

Between November 17 and 20, residents from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh—also referred to as Purvanchalis in Delhi—will celebrate Chhath, their most famous holiday. It entails the gift of “arghya” to the Sun god by fasting worshippers in knee-deep water.

The Delhi administration announced in a statement that it intends to set up for the event at over 1,000 ghats throughout the Capital. Revenue Minister Atishi met with all of the district magistrates on Wednesday to conduct a high-level review of the preparations in order to avoid any flaws. According to the statement, the minister “ordered the officials to start the preparation early to avoid mismanagement at the last minute and inconvenience to the devotees and to give special attention to cleanliness at the ghats.

In accordance with the convenience of devotees, the statement stated that Atishi ordered the DMs of all districts to choose areas for Chhath ghats in their respective districts and to start building ghats. Additionally, the local Chhath puja committees have been requested to meet with district officials so that they can solicit their input and make necessary preparations.

The government would offer basic services including clean water, tents, electricity, bathrooms, security, medical services, power backup, and CCTV cameras at the ghats. The Maithili-Bhojpuri Academy will host cultural events in various ghats, according to the announcement.

According to Atishi, “the Arvind Kejriwal government is dedicated to guarantee that no trouble is provided to the devotees when they are worshiping. The Chhath Puja festival is associated with the faith of lakhs of people. All relevant officials have been told to make sure of that.

According to government estimates and migration figures from the 2011 Census, Purvanchalis make up over one-third of Delhi’s estimated 20 million inhabitants, making Chhath one of the city’s biggest festivities.

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