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  • The Centre’s Proposed Policy Envisions the Formation of a National Cruise Tourism Board.

The Union government has proposed a National Policy on Cruise Tourism in order to explore India’s coastline for commercial purposes. The proposed document calls for the establishment of a National Cruise Tourism Board to coordinate efforts and integrate India’s destinations with cruise tourism, as well as to attract investment and facilitate the development of cruise terminals, infrastructure, and services.

The government will also engage with stakeholders, conduct familiarisation trips, and utilise local culture and personalities to promote coastal and river destinations, according to the document.

In addition, they will create an online marketplace for cruise reservations and registrations.

“The government recognises the economic growth, employment creation, and cultural preservation potential of cruise tourism. By addressing obstacles and implementing a comprehensive strategy, India will be able to realise the maximum potential of cruise tourism and establish itself as a global cruise hub. The Ministry of Tourism will play a crucial role in coordinating these efforts and advocating for reforms to facilitate ease of doing business in the sector, according to a statement from the Ministry.

“Additionally, cruise tourism stimulates demand for hospitality, restaurants, transportation, and shopping, leading to secondary employment opportunities,” the proposed policy stated.

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