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STAAH, a top supplier of hospitality solutions with headquarters in New Zealand, wrapped up its nation’s latest “Connect Hub” conference today in Jaipur. Renowned leaders and industry experts attended the conclave, which offered thought-provoking seminars on how property owners may improve their business processes, understand how to take advantage of the changing dynamics of the sector, and increase their revenue. In August of this year, Ahmedabad hosted the STAAH Connect Hub for India.

STAAH organized a massive networking and knowledge-sharing event at the Radisson Blu in Pink City in collaboration with Booking.com, RatePing, and WINHMS.

Tarun Joukani, Director of STAAH, opened the event with a keynote address that created a lively environment. The property owners were able to maximize revenue potential and take advantage of industry transformations because to the useful insights that the workshops offered.

Session topics included sharing Rajasthan’s Top 3 Market Insights, How to Gain Competitive Edge – Standing Out in a Congested OTA Market Place, Maximize Data & Revenue with a Smart PMS, Integrating Technologies & Right Distribution Mix. Esteemed industry leaders from Booking.com, Rateping, WINHMS, along with STAAH, offered their expertise.

The STAAH Connect Hub in Jaipur was a fantastic occasion. It was a remarkable experience because it was well-run and made for fruitful networking. Vishwanath Iyer, WINHMS’s Sales Head for India and Nepal.

“The STAAH Connect Hub provided an excellent platform for interacting with hoteliers and learning about their challenges, which technologies such as RatePing’s Pricing Intelligence system can assist in addressing.” RatePing’s founder, Jaideep Advani

Along with a cocktail supper and unofficial networking session, the event concluded with a thrilling fortunate draw with smart Android phones given away by STAAH as a reward. This added an extra layer of engagement for guests. The STAAH Connect Hub is growing its reach to enable hospitality professionals to make new contacts, share ideas, and learn about the newest trends and best practices in the sector, all after a very successful first event in Ahmedabad.

“The STAAH team is extremely humble, gives concise justifications for our expansion, demonstrates the highest regard for each individual, helps hoteliers understand the product, and provides invaluable insights.” Satinder Singh, Hotels Pearl Palace.

“The event turned out to be a very successful way to maximize revenue and offered insightful information. It was flawlessly planned and gave experts in the hospitality sector a great opportunity to network. Umaid Group’s owner, Ranvijay Singh

We extend our sincere gratitude to STAAH and their hardworking team for organizing the educational Jaipur event on October 17, 2023. It underlined how important technology is to the hotel business today and how constant investment is required to keep up with client expectations. STAAH leads the way in technical developments because to their unrivaled product inventions. Aseem Parakh from Ratnawali Hotel

Cocktail party at STAAH Connect Hub in Jaipur was a huge success. India’s tourism industry is poised to flourish thanks in large part to the critical views and advice of industry experts. We can’t wait to host more occasions like this in the near future. India’s National Sales Head, Shoaib Ali

Hoteliers, property managers, and industry experts have a special place to gather, work together, and learn about the hospitality industry’s constant changes thanks to STAAH Connect Hub.

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