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  • AbhiBus and South Super-Star Silambarasan TR launch the “Wrong Da” campaign

Have you ever considered serving plain rice with chappati or combining tea leaves with your coffee? Most likely not. What about putting some noodles inside a dosa? Not typical, is that right? The best bus booking app in India, AbhiBus, is making waves in the marketing world with its newest campaign, “Wrong Da.” This campaign delves into the domain of non-traditional decisions, mirroring the unexpected circumstances frequently found in the bus ticket buying industry. And who is in charge of this compelling charge, you ask? None other than Silambarasan TR, a.k.a. Simbu, the charming sensation from South India.

The “Wrong Da” campaign is an amazing display of AbhiBus’s unique characteristics, including Instant Booking and Refunds, the largest bus network in India, and round-the-clock customer service. Our charismatic performer, Simbu, deftly shapes the “right” symbol with his fingers, creating a lasting impression that speaks to the comfort, dependability, and affordability that AbhiBus offers to passengers.”Wrong Da,” which connects deeply with every traveler’s spirit, masterfully captures the pulse of Tamil Nadu’s diverse population thanks to Simbu’s artistic genius.

“Our ‘Wrong Da’ campaign is an ode to the unmistakable errors people make when booking bus tickets and guides them toward a superior, more convenient approach,” says AbhiBus COO Rohit Sharma with enthusiasm. Our team’s rigorous research led to the creation of this concept and video, since it was discovered that an astounding 85% of Indians still choose to book their tickets offline, meaning they must wait in long lines or overpay travel brokers. Their chosen seats or travel companions are not guaranteed by these techniques. Our goal is to educate tourists on the best approach to purchase tickets, which is easily accomplished by doing it online with AbhiBus.

Simbu expressed his excitement about the ad with the following words: “I am honored to represent AbhiBus and take part in the ‘Wrong Da’ campaign. The unique technology and user-centric approach of AbhiBus are revolutionizing the travel industry. We want to engage our audience and transform their bus travel experiences with this ad.

With Simbu’s celebrity power, “Wrong Da” is generating a lot of talk throughout Tamil Nadu and looks to be a memorable campaign that changes the perception of bus travel.

Source- Travel daily


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