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  • Soon, construction will begin to link the Trans-Haryana highway with the Delhi-Mumbai e-way.

According to officials, the route will offer commuters traveling from northern regions to Jaipur and farther south to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat seamless access.

The 227km long Narnaul-Ambala Expressway, also known as the trans-Haryana Expressway, which connects Narnaul in south Haryana with Ambala near Chandigarh, will soon be connected to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway by an 86.5km access controlled highway that will be built by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

At Baroda Mev in Alwar and the trans-Haryana Expressway, respectively, the connecting highway will reach the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. According to NHAI authorities, this link will offer commuters traveling from states in the north to Jaipur and beyond in the direction of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat seamless access.

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According to NHAI representatives, the contract for building this access-controlled expressway has been awarded, and construction will shortly begin.

“The property transfer to NHAI for the building of the linking highway will be finished soon, and we are trying to make sure that work begins as soon as possible. The project would be finished two years after work begins, according to Mukesh Kumar Meena, project director for NHAI.

According to Meena, “the project is expected to cost around Rs. 1,400 crore, and this expressway will have six lanes, allowing commuters direct access to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and beyond without much difficulty.”

The 86.5 km motorway, according to the NHAI, will link Baroda Mev, the southern terminus of the trans-Haryana Expressway, to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. According to the highway authority’s authorities, 29 bids have already been submitted for the project.

August 2022 saw the opening of the 227km trans-Haryana Expressway (NH-152D), which travels through the towns of Kaul, Pundri, Assandh, Dhatrath, Kalanaur, Charkhi Dadri, and Kanina.

Meena claimed that the linking highway will ease traffic on the highways connecting Delhi to Chandigarh and Delhi to Jaipur since commuters and large vehicles will be able to bypass Delhi and travel directly to Rajasthan and other states via the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway from Baroda Mev.

The trans-Haryana Expressway, according to the Haryana government, has provided long-distance vehicles, particularly commercial vehicles, with a much-needed alternate route to travel more quickly from states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir to Jaipur and beyond, and that too while avoiding the congested Delhi-Jaipur highway, the capital city of Delhi, as well as the Delhi-Chandigarh highway.

According to officials, the land near the expressway is being developed as an industrial corridor known as the Ambala-Kotputli Economic Corridor.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/gurugram-news/work-to-connect-delhi-mumbai-e-way-with-trans-haryana-highway-to-start-soon-101696961538387.html


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