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The first airline in India to implement both SITA eWAS and SITA OptiClimb technologies is Vistara. By doing this, Vistara hopes to greatly enhance the effectiveness of flight planning and operations, reduce fuel consumption, and cut carbon emissions by 15,000 tons annually.

By giving pilots enhanced weather awareness information, Vistara will be able to increase overall flight safety and effectiveness. It acts as a very efficient method of transmitting OptiClimb data.

SITA OptiClimb is the only machine-learning solution in the market that offers personalized climb profile optimization for every flight, and it makes use of prior flight data to estimate fuel usage during the climb out. By doing this, Vistara will be able to save an average of 80 tons of fuel per year per aircraft and cut carbon emissions by about 250 tons annually. Annual fuel savings for Vistara’s total fleet are predicted to be more than 5,000 tons, which will result in a more than 15,000-ton drop in carbon emissions.

“India’s aviation sector is expanding at a breakneck pace, and we’re thrilled to support leading airlines like Vistara with solutions that boost their productivity, significantly cut fuel use, and support initiatives toward more environmentally friendly air travel,” said Sumesh Patel, President, Asia Pacific, SITA. Indian airlines are increasingly searching for innovative ways to streamline operations and improve the traveler experience.

Senior Vice President of Flight Operations at Vistara, Captain Hamish Maxwell, stated: “Continuous enhancements in operational effectiveness and safety are important focal areas for us.  SITA OptiClimb and SITA eWAS, two examples of cutting-edge technology solutions, allow for noticeable improvements in these areas, which eventually aid in lowering our carbon footprint. We’re committed to staying the course and developing into a top-tier airline that is prepared for the future

Source- Travel daily

Link- https://www.traveldailymedia.com/vistara-adopts-sitas-ewas-and-sita-opticlimb-solutions/


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