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House Panel Requests ASI Adopt Best International Practices To Draw Tourists

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) ought to evaluate the results of its initiatives to increase the number of visitors to the monuments under its control and contrast them with the best international standards.

In a recently published report, a high-level parliamentary commission made this recommendation to the culture ministry.

The Committee on Transport, Tourism, and Culture recommended that the Culture Ministry “should make an assessment of the cumulative impact of all the ASI efforts towards attracting more number of visitors to ASI monuments and examine these efforts vis-à-vis the best global practices” in reference to footfalls at Centrally Protected Monuments.

It has also been proposed that cutting-edge technology being used by other nations to promote culture should be explored in order for India to follow suit.

The Rajya Sabha panel also demanded information on the whereabouts of 50 missing Centrally Protected Monuments and advised the ministry to direct ASI to launch an urgent survey of these monuments in light of the lack of physical security rather than deciding on the matter “as and when” based on the suggestions of ASI field officers.

While appreciating ASI’s efforts to recover antiquities, the committee wanted to learn more about the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being followed in this area. In particular, the committee wanted to know what responsibility there was for maintaining and preserving the repatriated antiquities, as well as what role the relevant states and museum authorities played.

The committee recommended that the Culture Ministry make every effort to provide the North Eastern States with enough funding.

According to the report, the Ministry should make an effort to use all financial funds available for promoting and raising awareness of its numerous programs being carried out in North Eastern regions.

The committee further stated that the monies granted to the North Eastern states have been steadily declining and that the 10% obligatory allotment should be amended in response to the demands put forth by the various North Eastern governments.

In order to properly promote the programs and activities to be carried out in Northeastern areas, it also said that the Ministry must boost the aforementioned sum in accordance with the demands of states and cultural organizations.

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