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It’s simple to describe the terrain on which Gurugram is located. More recently built is the Millennium City. This area of malls, condos, and towers was formerly covered in grass, trees, and farmland. However, not all of that paradise has been gone. Some areas of Gurugram still have these views. All you need to do is get on any train headed for Rewari. The modest Gurugram rail station is swiftly traversed by an average express, but due to the size of the city, the train takes a very long time to reach its final destination. And through the window, you can see a part of Gurugram that is utterly apart from the Gurugram where you go about your regular business.

Soon after leaving the station, the train begins a lengthy journey along the urban outskirts, cutting through land that has not yet been consumed by development (although the horizon is strung with high-rises the entire way). From your perch, you can see acres of khet that are covered in crops that an older generation of Gurugramwale could have recognized when the city was still a gaon, or hamlet. And back then, the majority of those Gurugramwale were farmers who worked the area that is now home to our new Gurugramwale’s office parks and Metro stations.

under the morning, this immaculate landscape exudes a dewy freshness that quickly fades under the brightness of the early afternoon sky. Taking a ride on the Shatabdi Express, which departs for Ajmer at 6.05 am, is the best way to experience the phenomena. The image depicts one of these pre-pandemic trips.

Another thing to keep in mind are the nighttime sceneries. You can take the top-of-the-line Vande Bharat Express, which departs for Ajmer and was introduced in April of this year, for that experience. At 6.40 p.m., it departs from the Delhi Cantt. railway station.

The Shatabdi passes by Gurugram this morning just as the sun is starting to rise. Over the fields, a thin layer of mist lingers motionlessly. The earth is hit by piercing sun beams that pierce through the haze, turning the white mist into pale gold.

The Gurugram high-rises, which are separated from the rail tracks by lush green spaces, appear surreal in the meantime. as if the aliens had dropped them by air. The final high-rise is left behind as the train speeds forward.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/delhi-news/delhiwale-shatabdi-vande-bharat-views-101693515732143.html


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