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MEA revised the requirements for choosing partner visas and providing consular assistance to the Indian diaspora and international visitors in an effort to reduce exploitative pricing.

The Ministry of External Affairs has tightened the guidelines for the selection of partner visas and consular services to the Indian diaspora and foreign visitors in an effort to reduce predatory pricing.

In order to improve India’s reputation and image, the MEA is dedicated to providing services to both foreigners traveling to India and Indians who are relocating abroad.

Notably, the MEA’s Indian Missions are the first points of contact for all foreigners entering India, including Indian citizens, people of Indian origin (PIO), and foreigners living abroad who are traveling to India.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has started a transformative initiative to reform and strengthen its tendering and evaluation process in a comprehensive way to choose the best outsourced service providers, according to Jyoti Mayal, President of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI). While L1 pricing is the main focus, the four pillars of quality services, sustainable and viable price, data protection and security, and ethical practices and integrity are also strongly emphasized.

She claimed that as a visitor’s initial opinion of India is formed during their stay, the MEA must concentrate on providing quality, effective, and affordable services.

She continued, “It is crucial that the initial impression of any person visiting India or working with any Indian Mission anywhere in the world needs to be perfect, as the government is committed to achieving the promise of New India. Therefore, the MEA and its Missions must concentrate on providing outstanding, effective, and affordable services as maybe the first step in that direction in order to truly represent the Indian government to the globe.

In his final statement, the president noted that India is establishing itself as a worldwide leader in a number of fields, including commerce, cross-border services, citizen services, etc.

“As India advances toward a period of rapid economic expansion, it will be crucial to prepare for potential roadblocks and reduce dangers to the Indian Government’s reputation and image. Therefore, it has become crucial for the government to concentrate on the quality, dependability, and credibility of the service providers it works with to ensure that services are delivered effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with established standards. Otherwise, failure in service levels can erode confidence and trust in the government’s abilities, resulting in public dissatisfaction. The emphasis on quality also shows that public resources are used effectively and that citizens get the most for their money, she continued.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/mea-introduces-changes-in-delivery-of-passports-visas-consular-services-101693522578168.html


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