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Robotic aircraft exterior cleaning is used by Vistara.

Aerowash, an automated aircraft exterior washing and cleaning solution developed by AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd., was unveiled by AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. and announced by Vistara, India’s largest full-service airline, as an industry-first effort. Aerowash is controlled by a convenient, wireless remote control that has various safety features and alarm signs. With an almost waterless dry-wash method, its effective micro-fiber brush drum offers a superior cleaning result for the aircraft’s outer surface.

This state-of-the-art technology reaffirms Vistara’s dedication to implementing cutting-edge strategies to improve operational efficiencies while simultaneously lowering its carbon impact. An important part of maintenance in the aviation sector is aircraft detailing (or cleaning). It has typically relied on manual labour, which may be laborious, resource-intensive, and prone to mistakes. However, this automated programme is both time and environmentally friendly. It lessens aerodynamic drag brought on by the buildup of dirt, dust, grime, etc., which in turn lightens the weight of the aircraft. By reducing fuel burn, this directly correlates to improved fuel efficiency.

“We are delighted to become India’s first carrier to implement this one-of-a-kind initiative that underscores our unwavering commitment to invest in cutting-edge, purpose-driven technologies since inception,” said Pankaj Handa, Senior Vice President for Ground Operations at Vistara. This is just another step in our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency across many areas through automation while also continuously seeking out better, more sustainable ways to conduct business.

After a thorough evaluation, Vistara becomes the first airline to employ this cutting-edge technology, according to Dr. Ashwani Khanna, executive director of AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. The first airline in India to subscribe to this solution is Vistara, setting the example for other airlines to follow. I am pleased with how the connection with AISATS has developed into a relationship that might have a significant positive impact on the entire industry in the years to come.

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