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  • Five Indian Matai Expert Partners Are Honored By Tourism Fiji With A FAM Trip.

Recently, the first post-Covid Matai Agent Family from India was completed by Tourism Fiji. The family trip was a component of an incentive unveiled last year during the debut of Tourism Fiji’s online learning system, the new Fiji MATAI Specialist Programme.

Tourism Fiji has been ardently boosting its trade activities all around the country in an effort to frantically accelerate the recovery of the country’s tourism industry from India. An incentive giving five participating travel partners the chance to fly to Fiji for a unique trade familiarization tour was announced as part of the launch of the new Matai Specialist in India.

The seven-day family trip gave the Matai agents the chance to discover Fiji’s hidden beauties and get a taste of its alluring culture. The friendly Fijian hospitality welcomed the travel agents right away upon their arrival at Nadi International Airport. The company was taken away to opulent lodgings that had been carefully selected to guarantee a relaxing and genuine experience during their stay.

The tour agents got to see some of Fiji’s famous natural wonders during their vacation. They had the chance to see the thriving marine life while snorkeling excursions allowed them to explore coral reefs. They were able to experience the exhilarating side of Fiji through adventurous activities like zip lining and jet boating. The travel agents also immersed themselves in the rich Fijian culture, participating in customary rituals and savoring the genuine tastes of Fijian food.

Through these familiarization efforts, Tourism Fiji hopes to provide trade partners with in-depth knowledge of the destination and first-hand travel experiences so they can cater to the particular preferences and needs of their clients and promote Fiji to their clientele with the utmost confidence and enthusiasm.

As part of our dedication to assisting Fiji’s tourist recovery, we are excited to welcome our Indian MATAI agents to the country, said Kathy Koyamaibole, Regional Director Asia Pacific at tourist Fiji. We are certain that by motivating trade partners to actively participate and broaden their destination expertise, they will grow into effective advocates for Fiji, encouraging tourists to explore the wonders of our stunning Islands.

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