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According to PWD minister Atishi, the Rajghat memorial complex in Delhi has undergone unusual landscaping work and a 115-foot Indian flag has been placed there in preparation for the G20 Summit. In preparation for the G20 Summit, the Delhi cabinet minister examined the sections of Shantivan Road and the Delhi Gate on Wednesday. “Delhi is in full gear for the G20 summit, and beautification efforts are also well under way,” she declared. I went to Rajghat today, which will be visited by many summit participants and leaders of state.

The AAP leader said that she has also improved other areas of Delhi, such as the section between Rajghat and Red Fort. Atishi continued, “This area has been improved with amenities like fountains, modern street art, open seating areas, lights, and much more.

The PWD minister emphasized that the Kejriwal administration is committed to maintaining Delhi’s attractiveness even after the G20 conference.

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According to Atishi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is doing a lot to improve Delhi’s aesthetics for the G20 summit.

She added that to preserve cleanliness, it had stationed numerous sanitation workers and automated sweeping machines throughout Delhi. She also promised that the nation’s capital will remain spotless even after the summit.

She continued, “The work on areas under Centre has obviously been done by them while the PWD and MCD have done work on the areas under it,” during a press conference later in the day. Saying that the Central Government or the Delhi Government did all the work would be incorrect.

Source- livemint
Link- https://www.livemint.com/news/india/ahead-of-g20-summit-delhis-rajghat-memorial-complex-transformed-see-photos-11693443685135.html


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