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The system will be installed at Terminal 2 of the Bengaluru airport, where international operations will start on August 31.
On Wednesday, Bengaluru International Airport Ltd. announced the integration of the former’s computer vision-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform into the airport’s operations in collaboration with local computer vision company Industry.ai and US tech company Nvidia Corp. The firms said in a joint statement that the equipment will be installed at Terminal 2 of the Bengaluru airport, which will begin operating internationally on August 31.

The airport will track lines at various checkpoints across the terminal, evaluate and clear congestion, track abandoned bags, and alert security personnel in the event of suspicious movements using the video analytics and AI platform. In order to accomplish this, the platform will concurrently link to video feeds from 500 live cameras located throughout Terminal 2. These feeds will then be connected to Industry.ai’s data analytics portal, which can provide up to 12 outcomes based on the video feeds. These results will include indicators for spotting bottlenecks as well as safety issues, such excessive speeding or the movement of suspicious vehicles outside the terminal.

The Nvidia Metropolis development suite, which provides businesses with a ready-to-use platform to construct video feed-based data analytics solutions, forms the foundation of the vision AI platform of Industry.ai, a subsidiary of private green energy company Bharat Light & Power.

The program will be run through the cloud.

Industry.ai CEO Tejpreet Chopra stated in a statement that the platform “will speed up passenger flow during peak operating hours.” Chopra noted that the business would also like to extend its service to other airport terminals. The platform was “a first” for any terminal of the airport, according to Bengaluru International Airport Limited’s chief information officer, George Fanthome.

However, Industry.ai did not respond to an email asking about its deployment at the airport and future plans until the time of publication. An official from Bengaluru Airport was unable to react to Mint’s inquiry right away due to the start of international operations at Terminal 2.

The implementation at Bengaluru’s new international terminal coincides with the fact that it was among the first in the nation to use DigiYatra, the Center’s platform for facial recognition travel approval. DigiYatra was created by Hyderabad-based Dataevolve Solutions with support from the union’s civil aviation ministry. It currently runs out of seven airports, including Bengaluru, Delhi, and Kolkata.

However, experts warned that a terminal-wide vision AI platform may also cause privacy and data collecting concerns, much like how the introduction of DigiYatra did.

“There may be questions about how such a tool would manage personal data, particularly how the relevant authorities would ask passing passengers for their authorization to gather and use their data. The permission procedure may be crucial to take into account in light of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, according to Abhishek Malhotra, managing partner of the TMT Law Practice in Delhi.

Malhotra continued, “How the data is collected, and how it is destroyed” are additional considerations that can be crucial.

In light of this, the recently announced DPDP Act may prove to be essential in defining the precise repercussions of manipulating and abusing an individual’s physical and biometric data, which are considered as personal data. Malhotra continued, however, that the Act has not yet specified how the Data Protection Board will respond to complaints in this regard.
Source- livemint
Link- https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/bengaluru-airport-to-use-ai-for-efficiency-11693421516963.html


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