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Railways ready to manage the Chhath rush

“For the convenience of the passengers, festival special trains are being run in addition to additional pairs of trains.”

On Friday, Northern Railways (NR) and North Eastern Railways (NER) announced that they have put extra plans in place to deal with the demand for the Chhath celebrations.

According to Manish Thaplyal, the divisional railway manager of NR’s Lucknow division, “festival special trains are being run for passengers’ convenience in addition to running extra pairs of trains.”

Except for some trains, there is no rush on the platforms. Regular rail service between the stations under the Lucknow division is provided for the regions of Bihar and Purvanchal. In a media briefing, he continued, “The division is also operating eight special trains.”

“We are adding more ticket counters and staff members. Down trains are being given extra attention. There are more special trains this year than there were last,” he continued.

In a same vein, Vikram Kumar, Lucknow NER’s ADRM-operations, stated

Out of the 63 pairs of special trains going through the division, 17 pairs were operating from Gorakhpur Jn. 109 extra carriages have been added to trains due to the rush.

Source- Hindustan times

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