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In order to prosecute private bus owners and operators who charge passengers arbitrary fares during the holiday season, the Pune RTO established special flying squads.

The Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) has prosecuted 129 private bus owners and drivers over the past 15 days for extorting outrageous charges from passengers leaving town on Diwali. In order to take action against private bus owners and operators who are found to be charging commuters arbitrary charges during the holiday season, the Pune RTO established special flying squads.

The Pune RTO released information stating that throughout the festival season, flying squads investigated private tourist buses and other vehicles transporting passengers. They discovered that 129 of these vehicles had been found to have charged customers excessive rates. The RTO prosecuted the drivers of these vehicles and between November 1 and November 16, collected ₯861,600 in fines from them. 37 passengers reported concerns over private vehicles charging unreasonable fares in the last 15 days, despite the Pune RTO providing a WhatsApp number for passengers to file such complaints. The concerned bus operators were subject to strict measures implemented by the RTO.

“A special campaign was undertaken to ensure that private bus operators do not charge passengers going out of town during Diwali arbitrary fares,” stated Sanjeev Bhor, Pune regional transport officer. As a result, during this campaign, vehicles that break the Motor Vehicles Act’s regulations have faced consequences. The effort to stop private bus drivers from charging customers outrageous fees will now continue.

The Pune District Private Tourist Bus Association secretary, Kedar Mhargaje, stated: “We raise ticket prices during Diwali to ensure a healthy revenue stream, but we follow all state government regulations.” We endorse the RTO action since certain bus operators continue to charge passengers arbitrary fees at the last minute.

Source- Hindustan times


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