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  • Promote Amritsar as a wedding destination, urge experts at the Punjab Tourism Summit

This three-day event to promote tourism in the region began with a session that revealed the significant relationship between Amritsar’s religious and cultural history and its rising appeal as a top destination for special occasions.
Experts agreed that positioning Amritsar as a premier wedding destination would significantly increase tourism in the state at the first Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart, which got underway at SAS Nagar Mohali on Monday. Amritsar has long been known for religious tourism.

The maiden Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart, which started on Monday at SAS Nagar Mohali, featured artists performing on the opening day.

It was agreed upon by all that Amritsar could be marketed as a destination for unique and exotic weddings.

The opening day of this three-day conference to promote tourism in the region revealed the profound relationship between Amritsar’s religious and cultural legacy and its rising reputation as a top destination for special occasions.

The government’s steadfast commitment to making Punjab a top tourist destination in the nation and expanding the Amritsar suburbs as a wedding destination was also emphasized by CM Bhagwant Singh Mann earlier in the day during the opening session.

Experts said that Amritsar, a sacred location also known as the “Sifti Da Ghar,” was well-liked by people all over the world due to its accessibility by rail, air, and road, as well as its abundance of opulent lodging alternatives and historical structures.

According to Samir MC, general director of ITC Fortune Hotels, Amritsar is a fusion of religious hubs, home to the famed Golden Temple, and a site for lavish weddings and celebrations.

“Amritsar has a rich cultural legacy, and if it’s being promoted as a celebration destination, it could attract a diverse range of events and festivities beyond weddings,” he continued.

Traditional wedding locations in other states are becoming less relevant in today’s environment, thus couples are searching for fresh locations. According to Loveleen Multani Arun, director of Panache World, Amritsar should adapt to the necessary modifications to position itself as the most popular wedding destination among the different generations.

Similar comments were expressed by Touch Wood founder Vijay Arora, while CEO of Wedding Sutra Parthip Thyagarajan said that the current demand provides a solid platform for continued growth in this industry.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/punjab-tourism-summit-promote-amritsar-as-a-wedding-destination-say-experts-101694460404132.html


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