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Newly remodelled rooms at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort

Since launching in Singapore in 2010, Marina Bay Sands has boasted that its striking twin towers capped by the cruise-ship-like structure of Sands SkyPark have changed the city’s skyline and tourism landscape.

The Marina Bay Sands complex includes a high-end retail mall, several restaurants run by the Japanese-Australian famous chef Tetsuya, and the fantastic ArtScience Museum, making it a destination inside a destination.

Currently, the landmark is in the process of renovating its hotel premises, with the debut of over 850 newly designed rooms.

In order to meet what Marina Bay Sands executives view as a growing demand for luxury travel, the second phase of redevelopment will focus on the higher end suites, boosting the total number of suites from 137 to 422.

For the time being, visitors can stay in rooms that are both modern and reflective of Singapore’s multifaceted culture.

The design features a taupe-based colour scheme for all of the high-end fabrics and finishes, with touches like Axminster wool carpet on the floors that has a theme akin to textiles found along Arab Street, and headboards that are reminiscent of the Chinese screens of Peranakan shophouses.

The Armoire, a new minibar with a gold chinoiserie pattern on glossy black lacquer, is stocked with gourmet beverages and tasty treats. It comes with a cocktail trolley where visitors can help themselves to alcohol, mixers and garnishes to make their own drinks.

Guests at the Marina Bay Sands can now check in and be verified through their mobile devices before arriving at the hotel to utilise digital keys to access their rooms and lifts.

Modern conveniences in guest rooms include wireless phone charging stations, light and curtain panels that can be adjusted with the touch of a button, and occupancy sensors that adjust the lights and drapes in response to the presence or absence of guests.


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