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  • Mumbai International Airport’s “One Nation Billion Celebrations” campaign provides an unparalleled joyous experience.

As the holiday season approaches, CSMIA is excited to launch a brand-new campaign called “One Nation Billion Celebrations.” This campaign includes a number of innovative initiatives at CSMIA that are guaranteed to provide customers with an unforgettable and rewarding shopping experience. As customers browse the CSMIA establishments, they can enter the “Shop n Win Contest” for a chance to win alluring prizes. In addition, CSMIA’s terminal will be showing live coverage of the ongoing Cricket World Cup, which will attract both sports fans and travelers and create a lively mood throughout the airport. In an effort to create an atmosphere that genuinely captures the spirit of togetherness in diversity, CSMIA will decorate each of its terminals with themed décor in line with different festivities.

Passengers can take part in the “One Nation Billion Celebrations” promotion and win grand prizes when their purchases reach a certain threshold. In order to take part, travelers must scan the QR code found on their bills. After doing so, they will be asked to enter their information, respond to two questions, and complete the survey. One noteworthy provision is that contestants may enter the contest more than once, as long as each submission is linked to a different invoice that exceeds the cutoff. Travel tote bags, Kimirica Love Story gift set, and Shoppers Stop gift cards are among the prizes up for grabs. The winners of the lotto draw, which will mark the campaign’s conclusion, will be revealed by the end of February 2024.

Additionally, CSMIA has interactive exhibits and interesting activities planned to guarantee that visitors enjoy a stress-free ride in addition to an immersive look at India’s diverse cultural heritage.

We are united by the exuberant celebration of festivals like Diwali and the spirit of cricket, which is observed with the same unchanging excitement and joy all throughout the country. Programs like the “One Nation Billion Celebrations” highlight CSMIA’s history of providing unmatched benefits and services in order to foster meaningful interaction with its passengers.

The following is the determined spend eligibility: 

Duty Free: Spend more than Rs. 9999; Retail: Spend more than Rs. 2500; Food and Beverage: Spend more than Rs. 500; Pranaam Services: Spend more than Rs. 5500; Parking: Spend more than Rs. 600.

Source- Travel daily


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