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Mother’s Day 2023: Treat Mom to a Delightful Vacation as Her Present!

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio once said, “My mother is a walking miracle.” It’s true that every mother is special in her own way. Why you give your outstanding mother a once-in-a-lifetime experience this Mother’s Day by surprising her with the ultimate vacation?

We have collected a list of travel and hospitality experiences that will not only give your mum a nice place to stay, but also take her on an adventure she will never forget. Our suggestions provide something for every mother, whether she wants a quiet getaway in the woods or a thrilling experience in a big metropolis.

Picture your mum enjoying a relaxing spa treatment in a beautiful setting, dining on delectable dishes created by Michelin-starred chefs, or learning about the customs and history of a fascinating foreign country. She will be able to relax and recharge, and she will make memories she will always treasure.

This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to the unforgettable vacation she deserves. This is the kind of thoughtful gift that she will remember fondly for the rest of her life.

Pristine examples of nature
Located in the heart of Sri Lanka, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a tranquil haven that will take your breath away. This eco-luxury resort is a hidden gem, with breathtaking vistas and a bounty of paddy fields, marshes, forest, and a lake. The resort, which took its design cues from the London Wetland Centre, was built as a wetland environment that blends in with the area’s existing water infrastructure to both protect and expand Sigiriya’s already impressive biodiversity.

The 36 opulent villas take their design cues from the symphony of nature’s settings, which include gardens, marshes, paddies, water, and woodlands. These exquisitely crafted cabins are an oasis, complete with spa baths, state-of-the-art home theatre setups, and personal swimming pools.

You and your mum can go on a number of exciting trips and outings. Safaris and night hikes allow visitors to experience Wilpattu National Park, home to the endangered loris, and Minneriya, site of the largest annual assembly of Asian elephants in the wild. The renowned Dambulla Rock Temple and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya, a 5th-century wonder of the world, are well worth visiting for their cultural significance.

In every way, Fazlani Nature’s Nest exemplifies the old proverb that “health is wealth.”
The ideal health retreat
Health is wealth, and at Fazlani Nature’s Nest, we believe this to be true more than ever. Located in the Sahyadri mountain range between Mumbai and Pune, this tranquil hideaway honours the restorative qualities of the great outdoors. Your mum will feel at home among the symphony of birdsong, the flutter of butterflies and the antics of the farm animals. She can take part in a variety of activities meant to help her relax, such as riding a horse around the countryside or going for a bike ride through the meadows.

Fazlani The equine therapy offered at Nature’s Nest is just one more reason why this place is a haven of peace and clarity. The special way in which horses convey their thoughts and feelings to humans here creates an atmosphere of calm rarely found elsewhere. The retreat provides a variety of therapies, such as yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic treatments, to help your mother unwind and feel refreshed.

The retreat also features a farm-to-table restaurant serving healthy meals made with ingredients grown right there. Your mum will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the wonderful, nutritious food. This Mother’s Day, give your mum to a relaxing getaway at the retreat so she can unwind and enjoy the company of those she loves.

For Mother’s Day 2023, Just Nature Expeditions has fantastic itineraries for moms that are outdoorsy and animal lovers.
Beautiful, dense, and secluded, the forests are…
Wildlife watching is one of the best experiences that money can buy. There’s nothing like the anticipation of seeing incredible animals in their native home to get your blood pumping. So, if your mum is a wildlife enthusiast and outdoor enthusiast, Just Nature Expeditions has some fantastic trips to recommend. The company is well-known for its reputation of providing life-changing wildlife encounters in off-the-beaten-path locations around the world. The thoughtfully designed expeditions reveal the secrets of the rainforests in a conscientious and responsible manner, offering a variety of itineraries and interest-based animal experiences.

Your mum can pick from a variety of pre-planned trips, such as exploring the jungles of Borneo and Sri Lanka, searching for Red Pandas in India’s northeast, or watching the Great Migration in Kenya’s Maasai Mara in hopes of spotting the elusive snow leopard.

You can rest easy knowing that the crew carefully selects the best homestays and organises the trips in a way that has minimal impact on the natural environment. Their professional staff is exceptionally knowledgeable.

Brunton Boatyard is the distinguished address in the ancient Fort Kochi that your mother should visit on Mother’s Day, 2023, if she is a history buff who enjoys discovering the old-world beauty of heritage sites.
Time-travel to the past
Brunton Boatyard is the place to take your mother in Fort Kochi if she enjoys learning about the past and exploring the unique character of historic buildings. Its predecessors are just as interesting. Kochi was home to a reputable shipbuilding company named Geo Brunton and Sons. Located in the heart of Fort Cochin, this recreation of their former boatyard transports visitors back in time to Malabar in the 19th century. The streets still resound with the allure of their earlier lives. Fort Kochi still displays the European architectural and cultural influences of its time spent under the control of the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British.

Brunton Boatyard is an interesting and stylish mashup of English, Portuguese, and Dutch styles, with lofty ceilings, replicas of traditional punkhas (hanging fans), and a wealth of artefacts and curios from the region’s opulent trading heyday. When your mum takes one of the hotel’s guided walks through Fort Kochi’s historic district, she’ll be surrounded by the sights, sounds and even smells of colonial times. Even if the fort’s physical structure no longer stands, its illustrious past lives on in numerous artefacts and monuments. Brunton Boatyard is unique because of its proximity to the world-famous Kochi harbour. While each of the 22 comfortable rooms features a private bathroom with a view of the ocean. Your dear mother will find that there are few greater delights than sitting on a balcony and watching idling ships and fishing boats or playful dolphins.

Palais de Mahe, with its French Mansion-like surroundings in the French Quarter, is a sight to behold.
Give your mother the gift of a trip to Pondicherry, known as the “French Riviera of the East,” so that she can take in the city’s many monuments honouring its French heritage. Palais de Mahe looks like a French mansion since it is located in the French Quarter, which is known for its historic architecture and picturesque cobblestone lanes. The interiors are classical in design but stylishly updated with verandas and balconies, giving them a distinct French flavour. Alluding to the colonial era with lofty, vaulted ceilings, exposed wood beams, arched entrances and colonnades, and ochre yellow wall treatments. The modern rooms are thoughtfully decorated in a French style.

Your mum can sign up for a heritage walk, take a rickshaw around Pondicherry’s alleyways with a helpful local, or get a soothing herbal massage while she’s there. To take your journey to the next level, head to the adjacent Aurobindo Ashram for some peace and quiet and then drive on over to Auroville, the worldwide town planned by French architect Roger Anger.



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