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Today, Air India revealed significant progress in its efforts to modernise the landscape of its digital systems, with many initiatives now finished and many more nearing completion.

With the goal of being the most technologically advanced airline in the world, Air India has made major investments to quickly update its digital systems in collaboration with the top technology companies worldwide.

With offices in Silicon Valley, India’s Kochi, and India’s Gurugram, the airline is also investing in creating a cutting-edge digital and technology staff. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chairman of the Tata Group, and Campbell Wilson, CEO of Air India, are leading the push to modernise the airline’s digital and technological capabilities.

Vihaan from Air India with a goal of becoming a technological industry leader, Air India’s AI transformation programme sees digital technologies as a major distinction. Almost every Vihaan.Technology drives the AI ambition, from improving customer experience to revolutionising revenue management.

The airline has already spent over $200 million on new digital systems, technical services, and hiring a personnel that is at the forefront of the digital business. It anticipates maintaining this investment pace over the next five years as it transitions from catching up to top-tier airlines to assuming leadership by implementing the most advanced technologies, which range from conventional digital technologies to contemporary generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Transforming client engagement and vastly increasing operational effectiveness are the goals. In order to maintain its position as an industry leader over the long term, Air India is also looking into new trends, such as using quantum computing to address some of the most difficult optimisation problems.

Source- travel trend
Link: http://www.traveltrendstoday.in/air-india-modernises-its-digital-landscape/


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