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Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte of Goa stated that the state’s image as a “sun, sea, and sand” tourist destination must be altered.

He added that the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will assist in boosting these sectors.

The Minister spoke after inaugurating a three-day event commemorating the traditional Chikhal Kalo (mud-playing) festival in the North Goa district of Marcel.

“Goa is only renowned for its western culture, nightlife, and party culture. This is being promoted as Goan culture. We must alter the perception,” he stated.

Khaunte stated that after the COVID-19 pandemic, spiritual and wellness tourism have attracted a substantial number of visitors.

He added that the government intends to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

Beyond sun, sand, and sea, we must market Goa as Dakshin Kashi. “Our temples should be promoted,” declared the Minister.

He added that the history of these temples and the contribution of monarchs such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to their preservation must be shared with the world.

The new airport at Mopa, which connects to cities such as Dehradun and Nashik, and the launch of the Madgaon-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express have considerably improved connectivity to Goa, according to the Minister.

He added that traditional Goan celebrations such as Chikhal Kalo and Sao Joao must be promoted.

“We will perform at the Tomatina festival in Spain. “At home, however, we do not highlight the Chikal Kalo, which is a mud festival,” he said.

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