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The City of Sangam in Prayagraj will serve as the site of the “Mahakumbh 2025,” for which the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government is making extensive preparations. For the “Mahakumbh 2025,” the tourism department is aiming to enhance tourist attractions, adorn temples, and provide public utilities.

Additionally, the construction of the “Digital Kumbh Museum” has been suggested by the tourism department. This museum, whose construction would cost INR 60 crore, will lure tourists to the region. It will give insights into the mythical and historical significance of the Kumbh Mela in addition to showcasing the state and national cultures. The Tourism Department recently made this recommendation to the Chief Secretary.

The Kumbh Mela in 2025 would be praised for its virtues by devotees when they pass away, according to CM Yogi, who made this claim in a recent meeting. According to HS, the development efforts in this area are progressing in line with the goals of the Chief Minister.

According to the concept, the Digital Kumbh Museum will provide utilities like Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), together with audio-video rooms, to provide visitors a contemporary Kumbh experience. Additionally, it will feature galleries with a spiritual emphasis, including the Akhada Gallery, Samudra Manthan Gallery, and the Spiritual and Kumbh Mela Interpretation Gallery.

The museum will contain a food court and a gift shop where guests may purchase literature and memorabilia about the Kumbh Mela. There will also be a guest house, a museum, gallery, and theatre (Amrit Kalash), as well as a Cultural Haat (Akshayavat). According to the planned design of the Digital Kumbh Museum, the’sangam’ river would be displayed in the entrance lobby via digital projection.

Additionally, there are plans to upgrade and construct Takshak Tirth, Karachna area temples, Akshayavat/Saraswati Koop/Patalpuri Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, a floating jetty, and a dining establishment. 18 new rooms will also be renovated and made more beautiful as part of the project, and three entrance gates along the main routes for Triveni Darshan will also be maintained and made more attractive.

The Digital Kumbh Museum is one among these projects that will likely cost more than INR 170 crore. Additionally, it is predicted that other civil upgrades will cost INR 120 crore, while work connected to facade illumination will cost INR 18 crore.
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