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The most recent research of airline search data from the travel website KAYAK shows a notable increase in flight searches on both a local and international level and offers insights into the top travel destinations for July 2023. Domestic flight searches for travel climbed by over 42% in July compared to the same month last year, while international flight searches rose by about 7%*.

Madurai tops the list of the most popular domestic locations with the biggest increase in flight searches over the previous year, with a startling jump of around 159%. Despite a notable 35% increase in airfare costs since last year, Madurai continues to hold the top place. Close behind, Varanasi takes the second place with a significant increase in flight searches of about 110% compared to last year, and Bhubaneswar takes the third spot with a doubling in flight searches compared to the same period in 2022. However, the average flight prices to these destinations have only increased slightly, by 6% and 3%, respectively, when compared to last year’s prices.

With an increase in flight searches of roughly 320%, 195%, and 191% as compared to 2022, respectively, Auckland, Jeddah, and Colombo are the international destinations that Indian travellers are paying more attention to. The majority of the top five trendiest destinations have seen a decrease in flight costs or have seen them hold steady. Indian tourists should take advantage of these low airfares to Hong Kong, where a round-trip ticket costs on average INR 39,109, which is a quarter less than it did a year ago. The average cost of flying to Tokyo or Jeddah is 14% less than it was last year, while costs to Auckland and Colombo were unchanged.

According to Tarun Tahiliani, country manager for India at KAYAK, “Our data highlights travellers’ openness to explore new horizons, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, and unlock extraordinary experiences in Madurai, Varanasi, Auckland, and Jeddah. Even more alluring is the potential to pay less for flights, as several international locations have seen a decrease in ticket rates from the previous year. Travellers can further optimize their travel spending with the aid of KAYAK’s tools and advice, assuring a really unforgettable trip while receiving a fantastic value.
Source- Travel biz
Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/madurai-tops-flight-search-in-july-kayak/


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