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To host the 69th Filmfare Awards in 2024, Gujarat Tourism Corporation Limited (TCGL) and Worldwide Media Pvt Ltd (A Times Group Company) have signed a memorandum of understanding.

This MoU will mark a turning point for the whole film and tourist industry in the state as well as for the western part of the country. It should be mentioned that Gujarat introduced its Cinematic Tourism Policy in September 2022, making this yet another outstanding achievement for Gujarat.

The Filmfare Awards will be presented in Gujarat for the first time. Bhupendra Patel, the chief minister of Gujarat, Mulubhai Bera, the secretary of tourism for Gujarat, Hareet Shukla (IAS), the managing director and commissioner of tourism, Dr. Sourabh Pardhi (IAS), the chief principal secretary to the CM, K. Kailashnathan (IAS), the chief secretary, Rajkumar (IAS), as well as Vineet Jain, the managing director of the Times Group, Deepak Lamba, the

One of the most significant honours in Indian film is the Filmfare Award. Therefore, hosting the Filmfare Awards event here will be very beneficial for Gujarat. By holding such a prestigious award ceremony, Gujarat would draw in a significant number of celebrities, filmmakers, and business experts. This flood of tourists would boost local spending, tourism, and hotel reservations, which would boost the state’s economy.

Gujarat will be promoted as a filming location with the hosting of the Filmfare Awards. As a viable filming site, Gujarat would benefit from extensive publicity and promotion. Gujarat’s infrastructure, cultural heritage, and scenic beauty will be highlighted, luring filmmakers to use the state as a setting for forthcoming film productions. This might encourage additional financial investments and local film creation.

Numerous work opportunities are created by the film and entertainment industries, both directly and indirectly. Gujarat might create jobs in a number of industries, including event management, hospitality, transportation, security, and more by hosting the Filmfare Awards.
Broad media attention, including television, print, and digital media, is given to the Filmfare Awards. Gujarat would gain widespread recognition as a result of this exposure, encouraging tourism, luring investment, and improving its public image.

The state’s tourism business will expand as a result of hosting the Filmfare Awards. The extensive television coverage of the award ceremony will enhance Gujarat’s reputation as a sought-after tourist destination. By garnering media attention, the ceremony will showcase Gujarat’s tourist attractions, cultural heritage, and facilities, thereby attracting potential visitors to the state.

The Filmfare Awards are expected to attract celebrities, industry experts, and their fans to Gujarat. As a result, there will be a rise in the number of tourists visiting the state. These tourists who are attending the event might choose to prolong their stay in Gujarat and explore nearby tourist attractions. This, in turn, will accelerate the tourism industry of the state.

To accommodate a prestigious event like the Filmfare Awards, the state government, and local authorities would likely invest in improving infrastructure, transportation, and hospitality facilities. These improvements will not only be advantageous for the award ceremony itself, but will also enhance Gujarat’s overall tourism infrastructure, making it more attractive to visitors in the long run.
The increased tourism activity generated by the Filmfare Awards would have a positive economic impact on various sectors associated with tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, transport services, tour operators, handicrafts, and souvenir shops. It would create business opportunities, generate employment, and contribute to the local economy.
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Link – https://travelbizmonitor.com/to-boost-film-tourism-gujarat-signs-mou-to-host-filmfare-awards-2024/


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